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Christmas is over and now it is just wait for the new year after.

Also at the entrance of the Nakano Broadway, Kadomatsu was being placed. The Kadomatsu is a structure of traditional Japanese New Year to decorate. Such as bamboo are combined.

And I think that it bears repeating in the blog, I tried to hearing about the opportunity to take photos, but passers uninterrupted. It is truly Nakano Broadway. It is a natural person, but does not break.

So, I tried around the entrance to the other side. It is the opening Waseda street.

<At the entrance of the Nakano Broadway, there was a Kadomatsu/p>

In this place, there was a fine Kadomatsu. There is also banner you have to decorate top, it's gorgeous.

Other, decoration of arcade and become a New Year version, 2013 also end soon, ready to welcome in 2014 have been made here and there.

Nakano Ramen Street, there is Miso Ichi, miso ramen shop. Miso Ichi, had issued a sign in front of the shop. It thinks the announcement, the rest of the year-end and New Year holidays, it was very surprising.

Miso Ichi, Miso Ramen Shop, appeared to stick to seven days a week

Date has been written, but I have to appeal to "all year round". Also end of the year, New Year's Eve as well, New Year is also not shake also three gun date. Miso one seems to stick to seven days a week.

In shops often temporarily closed New Year season, When you want to eat ramen with the punch of miso sudden, shall go Miso Ichi.

Shop information:5-54-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-7222,11:00-(next)5:00,Open everyday.Website of Miso Ichi

Illumination of the Nakano Sun Mall 2013

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This season, illumination has been decorated in various places. And, even in the main street of Nakano Station North Exit, Nakano Sun Mall arcade, there was illumination. Moreover, it has changed a little.

Around a white sphere, illumination of blue has stuck. If you look closely, on the surface of the white sphere, and people, such as the Earth was being designed.

Illumination of the Nakano Sun Mall 2013

And this unique and an arcade. Raise your head a little, looking into the distance straight, it is glittering light is lined all the way.

The blue light, there is a cool little impression at times, but it is an interesting way to be in the light in the arcade, it's felt in style.

Zubrowka @ Strawhat Bar

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It is in Nakano Station North, we received Zuburokka cafe bar, with a straw hat. Straw Hat is a shop that can eat hamburger and curry at lunchtime.

I pass through the narrow road between the Nakano Broadway Nakano Sun Mall arcade. If you are from Nakano Street, Take the road going into between the dumpling shop and Mister Donut, on the Min Min of Chinese food, is located on the second floor of the building.

<Zubrowka @ Strawhat Bar

After drinking beer, was ordered as a drink the next.

Adolescent little, unique flavor was alive and well at the whiskey and water. Taste after the fragrance drank so that the frank, snacks oily is I will want.

Shop information:5-55-17 2F nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-0516

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