Set meal of roast Kotobuki cafeteria

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In the dining room of Kotobuki Nakano Station North, I had the roast meal.

Macaroni salad and shredded cabbage, heaping. And rice that comes in delicious bowl In addition, miso soup flavor of the soup stock is high comes with. Yes, rice comes in a slightly larger bowl. So, in the sweet spicy seasoning, you can along with the tender meat, eat heartily though it is a large-sized.

Set meal of roast Kotobuki cafeteria

I am always writing, but happy at Kotobuki dining room, it is the balance of the dish. Dietary fiber carbohydrates, and protein, is found in the menu thoroughly. Chopsticks will advance shredded cabbage feel it is more a little also, and think about the body and nutrition.

Shop information:5-60-2 nakano nakano ward,03-3387-7771,11:30-15:00,17:00-21:00,Sunday Closed

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