Umemoto's Mentaiko-Onigiri(spicy cod roe Rice ball)

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In the Nakano Sun Mall, plum sources of soba shop. It is a shop of style to buy a meal ticket at the ticket vending machine, and place an order, that eating udon and soba sitting on the counter. Rice ball and is also sold over the counter. I obtained.

Came at hand, rice balls of "Mentaiko" ,spicy cod roe. But, by increasing the rice ball to be able to buy at a convenience store, indistinguishable in appearance at all. Seal is put on the back of the container, but I do not know if there is it.

Umemoto's Mentaiko-Onigiri(spicy cod roe Rice ball)

The smell of seaweed was spread when you open the package. When I eat, and laver moist and the taste of cod roe and rice, spreads in the mouth this time.

Bread is good, but when I want to eat rice easily, in addition to supermarkets and convenience stores, there are a variety of choices is a thing welcome.

Shop information:5-61-7 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-1246

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