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Kaeru is, the date of the temporary closing of snow

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The other day, it is a certain day. I thought it would have crowded such a day, I went to certain ramen shop. Is a popular restaurant, it is a inevitable shops lining up at the time of lunch.

Was closed.


There was a poster.

It was with the temporary closing for noodles can not be procured. It's also such a thing. We are very interested in care.

Shop infromation:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,11:00-15:00,17:30-21:00

Nakano Broadway entrance of the shutter is closed

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Today, February 19, 2014, as pre-announcements, is the day when shops Nakano Broadway is closed to all.

That it's confusing, shutter in the back that is closed. No, I do not know whether there is a shutter at the entrance front, but I thought it is open for a moment, and seem to be able to be passed through, and it is with feint fact that they closed.

Nakano Broadway entrance of the shutter is closed

Or because it was seen in the afternoon, the sun is becoming bright, I was against the passage. The light is reflected, I was able bright, to see to the back of the shutter.

There is not a person, the entrance of the Nakano Broadway. Several times a year, it is a rare sight.

Closed February 19, Nakano Broadway, 2014

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There are times when a few times a year, Nakano Broadway is closed.

Literally, entrance is always open is closed, you will not be able to enter. Figure that illusion entrance is completely dark, in fact, the back is open, that it might be put is appropriate figure to be called Coulomb Castle subculture exactly.

Closed February 19, Nakano Broadway, 2014

Thus, the actual situation. It was a simultaneous inspection of electrical relationship. Therefore, the entrance of the north and south to close, can not pass through the day.

Those who come from afar to tourism in particular, is to watch out.

The February 19, 2014, Nakano Broadway is the entire day off.

Orient spaghetti's Pasta lunch , tomato sauce

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Are away a little from JR Nakano Station , but I had a lunch of reputation , Orient Spaghetti and can eat delicious pasta . Lunch service when I bother you to shop , tomato sauce turnip and ground beef is ( 850 yen ) .

It is a service lunch , but drinks and salad comes with . In addition , increased amounts of a free I am happy too . When I told the clerk to the menu , so we asked whether large serving , and asked a large serving . In addition, since was that of a , you can barely , I had spicy .

Orient spaghetti's Pasta lunch , tomato sauce

If you ate the Orient spaghetti for the first time , it might possibly feel uncomfortable . Rather , it's a bland . This dish also , 's the tomato sauce , but if there is a fragrance and sweetness of ground beef and acidity , and sweetness of the tomatoes , while claiming that it is a meat sauce from the smell , the taste is sweet little . And I feel the hotness pyridinium later .

But , why , tired does not come . Perfect balance of seasoning and material , is happy with delicious .

As it is also contains the name of the menu , turnip had accentuates. It had a different texture , nor the source of the ingredients, such as pasta , and there is a slight bitterness . Impression of the source will be refreshing .

The crowded at lunch time the inevitable , it's far from the station , but it was a visit that I received a request this time . It is a shop that make me think "I want to go still , I want to eat " he said.

Shop information:1-23-22Arai Nakano Ward,03-3387-1445、11:30,Last Order21:30,Lunch-15:00,Open everyday


When I went to Nakano Broadway this before, I saw announcements of new store Mandarake. It is a thing that was in the place of destination of direct lift to the third floor from the first floor, on the wall.

Will it place before it was "Game Center". At the right hand immediately, new Mandarake seems able to get off the escalator.

Nakano Broadway, and Mandarake new stores in the three-dimensional men's specialty store

As for the name, infinity. Sounds like the shop a collection of such goods of male idol. To determine the date, you will already open.

And say Mandarake, I have an image of the shop, that are dealing with various things of hero-heroine of two-dimensional animation and games, such as manga, So you also handle goods which these.

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