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Sakura Nakano Street March 31, 2014

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Flowering cherry declaration came out. The weekend storm of spring rain and open, Nakano Monday.Sakura was worried How is the.

Cherry blossoms, cherry Nakano street showed me a beautiful flower in full bloom.

Sakura Nakano Street March 31, 2014

I think you can be as usual, to see this beautiful cherry blossoms because it is a little while, and try to walk the road by raising a little bit than usual line-of-sight.

Sakura Nakano Street March 25, 2014

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Sakura of Tokyo have also been declared flowering. We take a look at is the cherry blossoms of Nakano, Nakano cherry street.


Indeed, Sakura flower is open could not be seen, but the buds are growing steadily toward the flowering was able to see any number. Because it was warm, it might made ??a growth suddenly at the here.

In the annual, day to day fun began the state of the cherry tree.

Nakano Station, the door had appeared a short while ago. The Kinokuniya bakery door to one. It was the BECK'S COFFEE in the door of the other. Shops in the two opening in preparation, also JR Nakano Station, Station Naka is an appearance.


After exiting the ticket gate, I was through the underpass. Smell good wheat, such as baking bread is now.

There is also a café recently, and can drink a coffee at a convenience store in fast food, you can buy or bread, but it seems to be to be able to buy at the station.

Rien, on Nakano Ramen Street, lunch enhancement

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There around the beginning of the Nakano Ramen Street, shop roast had enrich the lunch. Is Rien.

It's knew that the shop to be able to roast at night, when I passed by the other day, I had to appeal the lunch menu. And Korean cooking pot were turned lineup.

Rien, on Nakano Ramen Street, lunch enhancement

In this street, there is also "Eninshi". Whenever you wish to eat something spicy taste that is different from the curry, and some warm, choice has been increased.

Shop information:5-60-2 Nakano Nakano Ward

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