Tendon of large squid and shrimp, Tenya Nakano store

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Recently-formed on opposite sides of the streets of Nakano Sun Plaza , the tendon in the chain " Ten-ya " , I took a late lunch a little . Store to create a simple counter and tables are arranged . It has been guided by the counter of the wall .

I was surprised to see the menu . There was a menu of udon with . So you have changed a lot . A little luxury , I chose this time is a large shrimp squid Tendon . The tendons , was 610 yen .

Tendon of large squid and shrimp, Tenya Nakano store

Contact bowl issued Wait a moment . I felt when I mentioned honest , I saw the first , and a little lonely .

But the impression has changed and try to promote eating. Eggplant and ingredient is hidden in the lower and pumpkin, next to shrimp stand out, squid, green beans. Rice because he glimpses, looked ingredients so small it was groundless.

Shrimp scarcity is conveyed in news is a large-sized and to the edge from the edge of your bowl. And squid did not even lose. Angrily shrimp, squid can enjoy the difference in texture and stately chestnut. I was able to enjoy a balanced vegetables and seafood.

The receipt that I had in accounting later, there was a "day of Ten-ya is the 18th of every month." I want to come to the store aimed at the 18th this time.

Shop information:5-65-6 nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-5318-6886

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