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Papabubble was painted red

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I was as a famous candy shop, the side of Papabubble. Gorgeously, it had become red.


If you walk for a while from JR Nakano Station, there is Yakushi Ai Road Street. You may also use a street in such Daiichigen Orient and spaghetti, delicious shops, and expedition to lunch time.

Papabubble is located in such a street. Excuse me at the shop of Western-style candy, to say why, but I is in Nakano first overseas branch. This shop, to ensure that pictures come out in the open and aboveboard shop. However video shooting is not allowed. Photograph is of a certified shop. You can see the process of making the candy in the store.

Shops such Papabubble was something chic in black appearance. This time, it was changed to red are likely contains the pink and white a little.

You stand out if it is this. It is not able to pass without notice in front of the shop.

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Shop informaiton:1-15-13 Arai Nakano Ward,03-5343-1286,Tuesday through Saturday10:30am-9:00pm,Sunday10:30am-7:00pm、Monday Closed.papabubble's Website

Haruyashoten third floor of Nakano Broadway is a fun shop you are doing a variety of planning, to see it.

That's what, popular vote of a variety of genres have been made, but it was planning this time only this time. Of FIFA World Cup Brazil tournament being held, it is expected.

In Haruya Bookstore Nakano Broadway, World Cup forecast

June 23 victory expected questionnaire, (Sunday). June 25 (Wednesday)announcement, is.

When I saw, I felt like the image. Brazil, and Germany seems powerful.

Scorer was also investigated.

Shop information:3F 5-52-15Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

Canned Bar mr.kanso Nakano Station North Exit

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There was a shop that is not familiar. Such as How was the shop, I do not remember the past. Continue straight Nakano Sun Mall arcade, what about the middle. Bonn Bonjour Bakery When you see the right hand, I will turn right to the street in between. And I was in the next to the San Kagaya and baked with.

Canned Bar mr.kanso Nakano Station North Exit

It is a "shop where you can enjoy a drink and canned" in the poster in front of the shop and sign,. I have heard recently, that there is a shop to be able to liquor to pinch the unusual canned Come to think of it. Do What a Nakano store the shop.

Shop to find the opportunity, you want to go has been increased again.

Shop information: 5-58-9 nakano Nakano ward

Churrasco bar is open

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New shop had opened also, in downtown of JR Nakano Station North Exit. It is a bar that can be watching sports and Churrasco. During the World Cup tournament in Brazil, the churrasco, It is a trend.


The location is as entered between Mister Donut Nakano Street, and dumplings shop. And past the hamburger house, past the eel bowl shop, bar maid is When you can see on the right hand side, you will on the second floor of the building. By the way, the fourth floor is a shop called Garogaro you know the previous opening.

With that said serving lunch, the clerk had to appeal outside of the shop.

Shops to be able to unusual dishes came up.

Shop information:2F-5-56-11 Nakano Nakano ward,03-5942-8123,11:00-24:00

Located on the second floor of Nakano Broadway, BIG YARD Nakano Broadway store is a shop of the model railroad. On the wall of the shop, a variety of notice was is stuck.

If you look, I was making the pilgrimage map animation of "One week Friends".

One week Friends's pilgrimage map of BIG YARD

I do not know well as I would like, but frankly, I remember that it would be around to try the actual place where it became the stage of drama and animation to the Holy Land pilgrimage. And character of Keio Electric Railway. Keio Line railroad is it's going to stage a week Friends.

Animation and model railway shops. It is a thing that there are a variety of combinations.

Shop information:BIG YARD's Website

Armored Nakano Broadway

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Where it exits to the north and south Nakano Broadway, and crossed the signal, we see the landscape different from usual.

When will the exposure of a trick a little, Waseda street side exit of Nakano Broadway has changed from the usual already. Thick pillar has been equipped in the right-hand side, ceilings are made. Notice that the construction was also is stuck. As a result of looking up again across the signal, landscape these is is the reason had spread.

Armored Nakano Broadway

Sometimes I look up at the Broadway side of this place once in a while, but it is high if you look again. Number of stories have been written when I look well. Top, it is the 10th floor. That during construction, this unusual landscape is seen also, for a limited time.

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