Canned Bar mr.kanso Nakano Station North Exit

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There was a shop that is not familiar. Such as How was the shop, I do not remember the past. Continue straight Nakano Sun Mall arcade, what about the middle. Bonn Bonjour Bakery When you see the right hand, I will turn right to the street in between. And I was in the next to the San Kagaya and baked with.

Canned Bar mr.kanso Nakano Station North Exit

It is a "shop where you can enjoy a drink and canned" in the poster in front of the shop and sign,. I have heard recently, that there is a shop to be able to liquor to pinch the unusual canned Come to think of it. Do What a Nakano store the shop.

Shop to find the opportunity, you want to go has been increased again.

Shop information: 5-58-9 nakano Nakano ward

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