Menshou Yosuke is, start a summer limited menu this year

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Is in the "Nakano Ramen Street", Menshou Yosuke is a noodle shop to enjoy the noodles with a strong presence and a thick soup of bird plain hot water. The crowded especially in recent lunchtime, I see a person who is waiting outside the shop.

Yosuke is such, was also started this year. It is a thick cold chicken plain hot water.

Menshou Yosuke is, start a summer limited menu this year

It is a menu name conflicting elements are mixed of cold ramen, to hear the first time, I feel the recent trends. It is a so-called cold ramen. The called seasonal, is also intriguing.

If you eat with a light heart hot season, and even the story of the story, it is an assurance that it surprised on the surprising taste.

Shop information:5-57-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-7799,11:30-22:00,Closed Wednesday

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