Hinai-jidori's Tukune Yakitori with hot spring egg

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I went to eat and yakitori of Hinai chicken, to Hinai Jiodori Nakano Shop. As there is a ramen Kaeru, when going into the Nakano Sun Mall, is located in the front than Kaeru.

Order also I was good one by one, but I decided to ask a set of skewers. Even though the set, it seems to be baked carefully, one by one, will come out by being placed on a small plate.

And that was issued long-awaited towards the end, specialty to your eyes, such as advertising and Hinai, is served with stick skewers hot spring egg meatball Hinai chicken.

Hinai-jidori's Tukune Yakitori with hot spring egg

And sweet sauce, a combination of rich yolk is perfect for meatball. If you are put on the stick on rather than a comb, Tsukune wearing the scent of charcoal, was Puripuri. As wiener like, have Innovation-long outside, inside is juicy.

Why do not you think, this is a combination of parent and child bowl. Chemistry it's the preeminent after all chicken-and-egg.

Shop information:5-56-15 nakano nakano ward,03-5318-1768,12:00-14:00,17:30-25:00,Open everyday

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