Lunch menu of Hinai Nakano shops had changed little

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Tavern who can eat Hinai chicken, Hinai-ya,has been put out the lunch menu from previous. Of course, Oyako-don bowl with chicken and egg was the main menu.

Where it passes through the front of the shop the other day, lunch menu that announcements in the sign had changed.

Lunch menu of Hinai Nakano shops had changed little

Oyako-don bowl of the best, its name also, oyakodon ultimate. It is a naming such as gourmet cartoon like. Besides, there was also a menu of weekly and bowl, with Akita peach pig. I think I feel the price is up a little also, but I want to eat to find an opportunity.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano ward,03-5318-1768,12:00-14:00,17:30-25:00,Open everyday

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