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Nakano Broadway, there was Nakagawa Shoko(Shokotan)? !

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When you have been through in the Nakano Broadway, was encountered to the person who placed unexpected. Was Nakagawa Shoko. When you look good, it was a sign.

Second floor of Nakano Broadway, I've Come to a place of passage across the passage on the first floor. If you look, for that was the publication of books related to the Nakano Broadway Apparently, it was like a pop of publicity.

Nakano Broadway, there was Nakagawa Shoko? !

And because Are You have declared that you are coming to Nakano Broadway in a variety of media, so had a selfish sense of intimacy that it is likely to meet somewhere To Hyokkori, it was encountered that I was surprised.

Janpara is opening scheduled for Nakano Broadway

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Janpara is opening scheduled for Nakano Broadway

There are also shops in Akihabara, Janpara are shops such as PCs and mobile phones. There is also a branch that deal also used goods.

On the first floor of Nakano Broadway, shops dealing PC and monitor, and cables used, there are two, but it is going to be busy with the advent of Janpara.

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