During the construction of grilled tavern at Nakano Sun Mall

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It is of little ago, where it had been through the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, I was doing the construction work. In the vicinity of Nakano Broadway, is the right of the building and come proceeds from Nakano Station.

Flower arrangement on the wall, there is a character called tea ceremony. Although some in the bustling Nakano Sun Mall, here only to have the door is closed and perfect, it is where the atmosphere that can not get inside of the building was out. Have fresh flowers decorated the window, there was a unique landscape.

During the construction of grilled tavern at Nakano Sun Mall

Already construction started, the second floor also window is open. Use only the outside of a building, you can feel the wind as all inside rebuilding.

Poster was is stuck in the window. When you more to it, seems tavern who grilled can eat can be. Sun Mall arcade in you also feel like not fit, I can because any such is Nakano shop also fits snugly and wonder, will look to the kit nicely and it was the wind when you're gone.

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