Premium beef rice of Matsuya Nakano street shop

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Where it entered the Matsuya of Nakano street, eyes caught my menu that is not familiar in front of the vending machine. Premium beef rice is,. Come to think of it I feel that I saw the news that like to launch such a new menu. It was decided to try to eat.

Looks, I feel kinda different. First Shichimi it has been brought together and placed on the tray. Feel beef bowl is, that was somewhere refreshing. If no so-called rainy season is much suffering, it is the appearance, such as are cut rather firmly. Because you are not otherwise specified are, you will has become in such a dished in the standard.

Premium beef rice of Matsuya Nakano street shop

Taste was as it looks. Rich taste of the soup you are pulling in the back, first I feel most of each flavor of lean and fat. Thickness of the meat also might illusion, but I felt a little thicker.

It was examined on the Internet after you have finished eating. This menu is not than be eaten at all of the shops.

Shop information:5-68-9 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-7331

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