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Soy sauce pasta, additive-free sausage and green onion

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Although from Nakano Station North there is a distance, the famous Orient spaghetti as delicious pasta shop, I ate lunch. There are a lot of lunch menu, but this time I ordered the "Today's service pasta". It is a menu of notice on the blackboard in the store. It is Seiabura-mi pasta additive-free sausage and green onions. Since generous helping to choose for free, was the hope in large serving. In addition, it is not in the image, but comes with a salad and drinks.

Makes you look to the Japanese style pasta, but it is sausage that there is a sense of incongruity absolutely. Green onions, a large onion, in that looks like soy sauce broth has been applied, you can attract the eye.

Soy sauce pasta, additive-free sausage and green onion

But sausage, I will fit. Chili and aroma of soy sauce is, it favors the sweetness of pasta, for amplifying the laver of flavor, it is already proven in Udon. There will add flavor of sausage. Duck Nanban such as, associate a menu to match the meat and noodles, will add richness.

Oysters, squid, natto, etc., because it is good at Orient spaghetti able to bring out the taste combination with seasoning of various ingredients, and aside wonder of appearance, First of all, when I eat, you encounter the unexpected taste. Such encounter is the fun shops.

Shop information:1-23-22Arai Nakano Ward,03-3387-1445、11:30,Last Order21:30,Lunch-15:00,Open everyday


Izakaya Oren-chi, pork loin curry butter sauce

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Tavern, in Orenchi, I ate lunch. The surrounding Nakano Station, there are many taverns making the lunch. Among them, this shop is wide. There is wide in the back parlor, the front there is a table seating. Famous ramen shop, it is Aoba the opposite side of the shop.

Menu There are several types, the daily of the meal, you may tavern ish fish and sashimi set meal, and the noodles such as udon is lineup. This day, I ordered the pork loin curry butter sauce.

Izakaya Oren-chi, pork loin curry butter sauce

Apparently this menu, "pork loin curry" sounds like "butter sauce" in did not. Curry butter sauce was over, it was set meal of pork loin.

Main dish, the pork loin that was refreshing in Yugai, butter sauce is in focus. Pork and two different sweetness of butter, together with the smell of curry the last to feel, aftertaste is good. And, in a lot of salad, it is also attractive garnish. Even though meat of lunch, I felt somewhere healthy is.

Shop information:5-57-2 nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-0822,without lunch time,PM5:00-AM5:00

Of the entire day off, Nakano Broadway north exit

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Today, is the day that there several times a year, is Nakano Broadway closed. From Nakano Sun Mall, if you try to enter the Nakano Broadway, a pitch-dark inside, and closed the fire door in the place where it went a little, you will not be able to proceed any further. Of course, you will be looking for the right or left detour of.

Of the entire day off, Nakano Broadway north exit

Opposite north exit is such a feeling. Glass door of which closed shutter is in the back, the front there is a sign to inform the road closures.

Always bustling Nakano Broadway is also a quiet today.

Nakano Sun mall arcade is Art Brut gallery

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Straight extend arcade from Nakano Station North, of art tapestries have been exhibited. Several times, I am apparently the place that has been exhibited in the same way. It is Art Brut. I was examined on the Internet. In the planning of the streets are Brut, it was like a effort to appreciate the work of art on the street.

From illustrations from photos to the three-dimensional object, various works have been introduced. What you like in that you would like to one introduce.

Nakano Sun mall arcade is Art Brut gallery

It is visible also in there, but it also looks like that is by perspective. When I twist the neck, also looks at all the different wind. In particular cut is just .... I guess What this work group unique also enjoy like this.

Same poster I've noticed that is affixed to the Nakano Broadway. In UESAKA Sumire's illustrations Exhibition of posters, it is said, that will be conducted February 4 to February 17.

Location is pixiv Zingaro Nakano Broadway 2F. When you use the Nakano Broadway entrance near the escalator, it would have been taken to automatically third floor. Calmly to avoid the escalator, let's go to the second floor on the right side of the stairs.

UESAKA Sumire's Exhibition  in Nakano Broadway, until the 17th

And I tried to go to the venue, but have taut air in a unique atmosphere, it had become to everyone seriously quietly visit. Entrance next to the wall of the display, to the photography also be diffident, were taken poster to commemorate.

Once through the hotel's Nakano Broadway, is sometimes also seen signs had also been installed many times. This is to inform you of the store closed. Wednesday, February 18, 2015 the holiday of All Public and Private spaces. For electrical equipment inspections, closes the Nakano Broadway. Shopping, is the day you can not even pass.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Nakano Broadway is closed

I remember that there several times a year, it is a special day. In previous comments, it has been stated. Nakano Broadway of residents, because the electricity stops, to the struggle.

I know even though, when come to about Nakano Broadway If you have forgotten, entrance have closed the shutter of those that are open, so dark not with lighting, you may want to or surprised.

From a distance, who has been a plan to go to Nakano Broadway is careful of the day.

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