Izakaya Oren-chi, pork loin curry butter sauce

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Tavern, in Orenchi, I ate lunch. The surrounding Nakano Station, there are many taverns making the lunch. Among them, this shop is wide. There is wide in the back parlor, the front there is a table seating. Famous ramen shop, it is Aoba the opposite side of the shop.

Menu There are several types, the daily of the meal, you may tavern ish fish and sashimi set meal, and the noodles such as udon is lineup. This day, I ordered the pork loin curry butter sauce.

Izakaya Oren-chi, pork loin curry butter sauce

Apparently this menu, "pork loin curry" sounds like "butter sauce" in did not. Curry butter sauce was over, it was set meal of pork loin.

Main dish, the pork loin that was refreshing in Yugai, butter sauce is in focus. Pork and two different sweetness of butter, together with the smell of curry the last to feel, aftertaste is good. And, in a lot of salad, it is also attractive garnish. Even though meat of lunch, I felt somewhere healthy is.

Shop information:5-57-2 nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-0822,without lunch time,PM5:00-AM5:00

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