Soy sauce pasta, additive-free sausage and green onion

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Although from Nakano Station North there is a distance, the famous Orient spaghetti as delicious pasta shop, I ate lunch. There are a lot of lunch menu, but this time I ordered the "Today's service pasta". It is a menu of notice on the blackboard in the store. It is Seiabura-mi pasta additive-free sausage and green onions. Since generous helping to choose for free, was the hope in large serving. In addition, it is not in the image, but comes with a salad and drinks.

Makes you look to the Japanese style pasta, but it is sausage that there is a sense of incongruity absolutely. Green onions, a large onion, in that looks like soy sauce broth has been applied, you can attract the eye.

Soy sauce pasta, additive-free sausage and green onion

But sausage, I will fit. Chili and aroma of soy sauce is, it favors the sweetness of pasta, for amplifying the laver of flavor, it is already proven in Udon. There will add flavor of sausage. Duck Nanban such as, associate a menu to match the meat and noodles, will add richness.

Oysters, squid, natto, etc., because it is good at Orient spaghetti able to bring out the taste combination with seasoning of various ingredients, and aside wonder of appearance, First of all, when I eat, you encounter the unexpected taste. Such encounter is the fun shops.

Shop information:1-23-22Arai Nakano Ward,03-3387-1445、11:30,Last Order21:30,Lunch-15:00,Open everyday


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