Mitaseimenjyo Nakano store, Japanese pepper noodle

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Shops of noodle, I saw the menu has changed in Mita made noodles office. I ordered the menu. Japanese pepper wearing is noodles. Is average prime. Note that this menu is the standard in a thick layer (noodles warm).

Mitaseimenjyo Nakano store, Japanese pepper noodle

By the way, this shop, a put noodle's peripheral Nakano Station might it be easy to understand best. Go straight while watching from the station the Nakano Sun Plaza on the left, is located in the corner that was across the signal.

It would be point of nori is floating to put juice. Japanese pepper has is placed. When you bowl to bring the face, you can spread from soup and seaweed scent Gaba~tsu of Japanese pepper. Mita made Men-sho of soup is thick, but when lifting it from dipped this menu is also not leak to other noodles, soup is tangled. Also I find the Japanese pepper seems Tsubutsubu come stuck.


So, taste the bitterness and pungency of the including the mouth spicy and pepper. A unique flavor, is the hotness that unlike such as curry and Korean food.

It should be noted that, although will be personal impression, this shop is fast coming out dishes.

Shop information:4-2-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-3833,11:00-26:00,Open everyday

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