Yakiniku Toraji Lunch's a lot of vegetables

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Toraji is a traditional roast shop Nakano. Meat is good. The good other dishes. Was the order at this time, it is harami lunch.

Yakiniku Toraji

Dish full has been paved, you have carried the meat mouthwatering. While baked this in their acceleration, and get the rice. Because taste is Toraji there is no mistake, it is bliss of lunch.

And because it is grilled meat and meat attention. But, also should be attention other dishes. This time, it was seen dare wait without the chopsticks. Is called as well, these dishes are ones that come transported first to the most. Finally awaited is not that the meat comes in.

Yakiniku Toraji Lunch's a lot of vegetables

So, for us clerk is clean up from buckwheat eating. It is the volume of about table becomes full If you do not do so. Sort is the is almost your vegetables. The lineup salad, seasoned vegetables, that radish of Chinese cabbage kimchi to Kakuteki. And personally I like, also comes with seaweed soup.

It is a shop that can be eaten a lot of meat and carbohydrates, but in fact in this way, and I spits out a lot of vegetables.

Shop information:5-59-10 nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-9538

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