Yakitori shop, Toriyasu is providing a lunch

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Red lanterns that says yakitori is conspicuous, there is a shop. Toriyasu. About the middle of the Nakano Sun mall arcade, went go all the way around the corner of the bakery Bonjour Bon, It is a shop that appears on the right-hand side.

Yakitori shop, Toriyasu is providing a lunch

Shop, near the entrance, we appeal to the lunch menu. From the shop look, I can see that that Yakitoriya's. Lunch, the raw materials used in the yakitori, and cooked side dish that rice is eaten in large quantities, is the feeling that is in store.

As menu you wrote then. Bowl using yakitori, classic fried, is a curry loaded with chicken cutlet. I feel fry often, but the balance of volume and price is bad in a good way, cost performance is high likely. First of all, I is a shop that you want to go to lunch.

How can had noticed from the previous, in the shops and out of people do not constantly, but did not take a pretty image. Finally I was able to introduce.

Shop information:5-59-12 nakano Nakano Ward,03-3385-2330

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