Sakana-no-Medama's Boiled sardine of plum

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It's away from JR Nakano Station, but there is a tavern, which is to eat delicious fish dishes. It is a centerpiece of fish. Lunch and I can eat. We had a set meal. Menu in Skana-no-Medama's set meal" of today is boiled sardine of plum, is 730 yen.

Sardines are two, and has been placed on the clean dishes. Also it comes with a large plum.

Sakana-no-Medama's Boiled sardine of plum

Enough to admire the fact that this form did not collapse during cooking, seen soft, we were able to divide the moist and seen in the chopsticks. Straight out of the body from the spine, it is easy to eat. Seasoned diluted. Faint taste of soy sauce is felt in the fat content of the sardine, and the smell of plum. Aftertaste is refreshing though it is thick, do not feel at all peculiar habit, it is easy to eat sardines.

It was fun, even the fish from the bone is going to take easily with chopsticks.

Shop information:2-7-10 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo,03-3388-1880,11:45-14:30,17:30-22:30

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