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Saika's Cold Spicy Ramen(Pirikara Hiyashi Soba)

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Menya Ayaka is in Nakano Ramen Street, is a ramen restaurant. In the shops, the provision of even limited menu this year, had begun.

It is a cold ramen. The first time I saw people will be surprised to powder of red pepper. Plenty, it is suffering. And it is noticeable.

Saika's Cold Spicy Ramen(Pirikara Hiyashi Soba)

But, when we actually eat, as the menu name is now, you can see that you feel the hotness that was tangy. Spicy, and it does not.

To describe the impression, I feel that the cold noodle. Acidity is strong, it can eat To refreshing there is also cold.

Ingredients is also impressive. Cucumber, contains plenty in pork is oversized. And Nitamago is one chubby, it's into being cut.

There is no way to eat the correct answer, but stir perhaps To round, it may be that it is correct to sip and Zuru~tsu as a unit a variety of ingredients.

Shop information:5-55-3 nakano nakano ward,03-3389-2561,11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00,Cloesed Monday

Hamburger shop and Chinese restaurant, including the famous ramen shops on television, there is a street that is to eat a variety of lunch. In this blog, Mr. street between donuts and dumplings and I, and although I had been your introduction, I noticed that the other day name plate is installed.

White line street(Hakusen Dori), it was written with.

The name of the street between the Mister Donut and dumpling shop

Indeed, to the feet of tile, white is being used, it is extending straight. From now, that the street is going to be easier to understand more and say "white line Street". For now, narrow streets that divided the Nakano Sun mall arcade and Nakano Broadway is a white line Street.

The Oyster Bar in Nakano ramen Street

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In one corner of the Nakano ramen Street, interior construction work had been done. Already, such as sign is attached. Oyster seems bar can be.

The Oyster Bar in Nakano ramen Street

The name of the shop, Ekaiya Nakano shop. It is, there are other places also shops, I think coming to the advance in Nakano called. Time of opening, the fact that the coming soon According to the sign, I want to look forward.

The location, went up the exit of Seiyu right. It is close to the ramen Ayaka.

As I was walking in the south exit of Nakano Station, I noticed ramen shop. It is a shop of Suzuran,Chinese noodle. Straight extending south from Nakano Station, is as there is a building, such as Marui. What used to be a what kind of shop, I do not remember.

ramen shops Suzuran

Where it was examined by the Internet later, that of the shop, which opened in March. There is a head office in Shinjuku, it is like a flavor of anchovy is delicious ramen shop. We will look forward to the opportunity to eat.

In the north exit of Nakano Station, Bejipota style, chicken flavor and anchovy and the various directions of ramen, you can enjoy. South Exit also, Saikoro,Nidaime-Budou-ka,Nakano Taishouken,shops of the kind has been increasing.

Shop information:3-33-15Nakano Nakano ward Tokyo

Nakano ramen Street, there is Enishi, roast meat shop. We ate lunch at Enishi.

It is cold noodles summer limited. It is a I now in May, but summer limited? I such I.


Cold noodles did that easy to eat. There is also spicy, people of acidity is strong, noodles delicious. Udon and soba or Unlike ramen, noodles of distinctive firm texture and smooth and the texture, there is elasticity. Cold noodles, while sipping the noodles, and carrying soup to mouth with Zappa and astragalus, I think it is tasty enjoy both of taste at a time. Noodles taste those who unlike udon and ramen to lift the soup and soup.

The last impression of taste is light sour, I was eaten To refreshing.

Shop information:5-59-14 nakano nakano ward

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