Saika's Cold Spicy Ramen(Pirikara Hiyashi Soba)

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Menya Ayaka is in Nakano Ramen Street, is a ramen restaurant. In the shops, the provision of even limited menu this year, had begun.

It is a cold ramen. The first time I saw people will be surprised to powder of red pepper. Plenty, it is suffering. And it is noticeable.

Saika's Cold Spicy Ramen(Pirikara Hiyashi Soba)

But, when we actually eat, as the menu name is now, you can see that you feel the hotness that was tangy. Spicy, and it does not.

To describe the impression, I feel that the cold noodle. Acidity is strong, it can eat To refreshing there is also cold.

Ingredients is also impressive. Cucumber, contains plenty in pork is oversized. And Nitamago is one chubby, it's into being cut.

There is no way to eat the correct answer, but stir perhaps To round, it may be that it is correct to sip and Zuru~tsu as a unit a variety of ingredients.

Shop information:5-55-3 nakano nakano ward,03-3389-2561,11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00,Cloesed Monday

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