Enishi, roast meat shop's Summer limited Cold noodle

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Nakano ramen Street, there is Enishi, roast meat shop. We ate lunch at Enishi.

It is cold noodles summer limited. It is a I now in May, but summer limited? I such I.


Cold noodles did that easy to eat. There is also spicy, people of acidity is strong, noodles delicious. Udon and soba or Unlike ramen, noodles of distinctive firm texture and smooth and the texture, there is elasticity. Cold noodles, while sipping the noodles, and carrying soup to mouth with Zappa and astragalus, I think it is tasty enjoy both of taste at a time. Noodles taste those who unlike udon and ramen to lift the soup and soup.

The last impression of taste is light sour, I was eaten To refreshing.

Shop information:5-59-14 nakano nakano ward

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