To the south exit of Nakano Station, ramen shop Suzuran

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As I was walking in the south exit of Nakano Station, I noticed ramen shop. It is a shop of Suzuran,Chinese noodle. Straight extending south from Nakano Station, is as there is a building, such as Marui. What used to be a what kind of shop, I do not remember.

ramen shops Suzuran

Where it was examined by the Internet later, that of the shop, which opened in March. There is a head office in Shinjuku, it is like a flavor of anchovy is delicious ramen shop. We will look forward to the opportunity to eat.

In the north exit of Nakano Station, Bejipota style, chicken flavor and anchovy and the various directions of ramen, you can enjoy. South Exit also, Saikoro,Nidaime-Budou-ka,Nakano Taishouken,shops of the kind has been increasing.

Shop information:3-33-15Nakano Nakano ward Tokyo

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