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Tokyo anchovy(Niboshi) Honpo, as it is written in the name of the shop is a shop that ramen and noodle taste of anchovy is worked can eat.

When passing through the front of the shop the other day, I felt uncomfortable. Signboard it appears to be different. After a review of our previous entry, it seemed to have also changed.

Replace a sign of Tokyo Niboshi Honpo Nakano shop

Now in addition to anchovy, are featured at Abura Soba. It is called, or is too large.

Abura Soba and anchovy. It is a unique combination because there is to greatly appeal only this, will the billboards menu of shops. I want to look forward to when you eat.

Shop information:2-1-1 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo

I went,Nakano Station near Udon chain stores,Hanamaru Udon Nakano street shop. I ate cold noodles, egg and Tororo topping (small).

Hanamaru Udon's, cold noodles, egg and Tororo topping

Plenty of soup, because it is a menu to eat while entangled by mixing Tororo and turnips, and raw egg is a topping, it may remain. It requires a long-awaited, such as topping can eat evenly devised.

To say, in the health looks good a gooey toppings is Tenkomori, it is possible to eat To refreshing. It was perfect for Udon when hot.

Shop information:5-67-6 Nakano,03-5913-0650,7:30-24:00

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