Akita Prefecture shop of Yakushi Ai Road

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On Yakushi Ai Road, there was a shop of food and goods of Akita Prefecture.It is "Akita Kazuno-ya".

Although there was before, I feel that was a construction when this before apparent. Wonder if shops replace, and I thought, It seems to have been renewed.

Akita Prefecture shop of Yakushi Ai Road

In over-the-counter, is adorned with a red tapestry reminiscent of Namahage, and regional dishes such as Kiritanpo, it had to appeal that we are dealing with vegetables and processed food.

How can I noticed again to look at the banners, Hinai chicken also ne I was something of Akita Prefecture. Oyakodon, it is delicious.

Shop information:1-23-21 Arai Nakano Ward

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