Tokyo Niboshi-ya Honpo Nakano store, Taiwan Mazesoba appeared

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News in Tokyo Niboshi-ya Honpo Nakano shop window was is stuck. Limited menu, it was guidance of Taiwan Mazesoba provide start. You have a limited time, but it does not appear in forever either. When or from, it was there. September 14 from (Monday) it is that of the launch.

Tokyo Niboshi-ya Honpo Nakano store, Taiwan Mazesoba appeared

The poster also has the character of first appearance Nakano. Indeed, in Nakano, it is possible to eat a variety of noodle dishes. But, Taiwan Mazesoba, there is no familiar. Dare while not examined in advance how such or menu of the, while the imagination to look at the pictures, you can look forward to the unknown taste.

Shop information:2-1-1 Arai Nakano

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