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Kotobuki cafeteria, saury set meal

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Set meal shop Nakano Station North, in Kotobuki cafeteria, we ate lunch. Kotobuki cafeteria, clerk of 15 people. The dining room is, if you do not know you do not notice even if through the previous bet, but small shops.

Fish dishes from meat dishes, you can eat dishes such as fly. This time, in the fish menu, at the bottom, we received saury open set meal which was written slightly smaller.

And rice that was served in a large bowl a little, opening of the main dish of pike, it is just set meal with miso soup in small bowl. Purchase of or relationship, it is not a Unfortunately season of autumn saury, well just better as fire, went the rice raw Unlike in an open taste is condensed.

Kotobuki cafeteria, saury set meal

If you are listening to other people order, or topped with salad, etc. or add a fly, it was also Irasshaimasu you are assembling a menu in their own way of arrangement.

Shop information:5-60-2 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-7771,11:30-15:00,17:00-21:00,Closed Sunday

Suddenly, I encountered a new ramen shop. It took much time to prepare for the camera, I've become a very galloping sense of the field, barely a word Hokkaido ramen, you read the name of the shop that Himuro.


Where it examined, it was the shop that Hokkaido ramen Himuro. It seems to be the shop of miso ramen.

What surprised me was the will, it is the location of the shop. Right next to that "Taishouken". Certainly do here will was not a vacant lot. The building can be, enters the shop, the shop is the ramen shop. The other side of the next door across the road,"Budouka". In other words, ramen has alongside of 3.

To the south exit Nakano Station area, ramen shop has been increasing. This street is a feeling likely to south exit ramen Street.

Beef stew @ Continental countryside cuisine LangSam

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We ate lunch at the restaurant. It is a beef stew Continental countryside cuisine Lang Sam.

Lang Sam, in the Nakano Station North, is a shop that has a unique atmosphere. Somewhere This is an external have likely come out in Miyazaki animation, it is not differ in its impression upon entering the store, it has imminent decoration of subdued lighting and wall of cork. And, it might hit the rude and in My name this way, such as the character of Miyazaki anime, Courage mother and hardworking daughter woman of is the shop that brings a waiter.

Lunch menu, you can choose from meat, fish, beef stew, pasta. To pre-dinner drink, main dish, and can select the rice or bread, after-dinner drink or dessert, comes with soup and salad.

 Continental countryside cuisine LangSam

Continental countryside cuisine LangSam

Beef stew in a demi-glace sauce, meat and vegetables are now contains Golon, have melted the meat flavor in a little sour, it is delicious. It is a taste that is also fit to Rice in the pan. Beef is thick is fibrous in red, has become a softness that is cut loosely even with a spoon. By wearing a source mixed with the taste of red meat, it has become a rich taste that carbohydrates such as bread and rice will want.

Bustling, in the crowded lunchtime, where only the flow of time is slow, it is such a restaurant.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo、03-3388-2025

Plarail stamp rally of the stamp, south exit

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JR East, we are Pla stamp rally. There was a stamp to Station Nakano. Stamp of Nakano Station, there was immediately on the right side and out of the south exit.


And the stamp of Pla, So you there are two stations of the stamp.

When I saw Fortunately, people in stamp pad as photos easy to take did not have.Plarail stamp rally, up to October 12 (Mon).

Karaoke shop, Wake Up, Girls! Collaboration Room

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Karaoke bar along Nakano street, BIG ECHO had issued a signboard. Animation of the girls have been drawn.

Animation "Wake Up, Girls!" And was a collaboration, there is a karaoke room. You have a limited time, but forever or did not know.

Was examined on the Internet, I is like a BIG ECHO Nakano north exit shop only is there this room. Period until next year on March 31. Or I get a coaster that image color has been used in character, it is that it is of a special video can be seen at the projector.

Karaoke shop, Wake Up, Girls! Collaboration Room

If you say the karaoke bar of collaboration in Nakano, I think there was a karaoke room of Evangelion. It is the Nakano unique, that there is such a karaoke.

Shop information:5-65-5 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5318-5088

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