Karaoke shop, Wake Up, Girls! Collaboration Room

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Karaoke bar along Nakano street, BIG ECHO had issued a signboard. Animation of the girls have been drawn.

Animation "Wake Up, Girls!" And was a collaboration, there is a karaoke room. You have a limited time, but forever or did not know.

Was examined on the Internet, I is like a BIG ECHO Nakano north exit shop only is there this room. Period until next year on March 31. Or I get a coaster that image color has been used in character, it is that it is of a special video can be seen at the projector.

Karaoke shop, Wake Up, Girls! Collaboration Room

If you say the karaoke bar of collaboration in Nakano, I think there was a karaoke room of Evangelion. It is the Nakano unique, that there is such a karaoke.

Shop information:5-65-5 Nakano Nakano Ward、03-5318-5088

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