There was a Hokkaido ramen Himuro to the south exit Nakano Station

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Suddenly, I encountered a new ramen shop. It took much time to prepare for the camera, I've become a very galloping sense of the field, barely a word Hokkaido ramen, you read the name of the shop that Himuro.


Where it examined, it was the shop that Hokkaido ramen Himuro. It seems to be the shop of miso ramen.

What surprised me was the will, it is the location of the shop. Right next to that "Taishouken". Certainly do here will was not a vacant lot. The building can be, enters the shop, the shop is the ramen shop. The other side of the next door across the road,"Budouka". In other words, ramen has alongside of 3.

To the south exit Nakano Station area, ramen shop has been increasing. This street is a feeling likely to south exit ramen Street.

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