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Nakano Broadway first floor of the corner has been closed by the shutter. The opposite side of the game center, is where there was a previous Kikumatsuya. That before there is a certain shoemaker's, I think, as was a mysterious corner of a lot of shoes are stacked in casually.

Kikumatsuya is closed in the summer, the shutter had descended then.

Smartphone and game shops of GEO is open to Nakano Broadway?

However, there was a thin sign on the side. And GEO of the logo, there is a character of discount smartphone and games.

Nearby, already, there is a shop of used smartphone. There followed, what's the second one.

As usual shutter has been closed. Whether what kind of shops appeared when you go up, it is fun.

Renga Zaka, there was a Italian Sharuru

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To the south exit of Nakano Station, there is a corner of fashionable shops are made one after another. Renga Zaka(Brick hill). Proceed to the right out of the south exit, across the signal, go to Marui Nakano store direction. Saka will appear to the right immediately. It is this street.

Renga Zaka, there was a Italian Sharuru

In the place where there was a large serving of Tabuchi, it had been able to new shop. Is Sharuru. Pasta and pizza have been drawn to the sign. And 24H of the character. Would be that 24 hours a day.

In a good sense, feel free to put likely shops.

Shop informatrion:3-34-24 Nakano Nakano Ward

It rose soba restaurant that appeared to Nakano ramen Street. The other day, once through the front of the shop, pot was put in over-the-counter. In services for customers waiting, So you are providing the barley tea.

Ramen Shop Barasoba is, to those who are waiting, the tea service

That the pot is put, it's noticed was it was recently. Or raining the place here, and or lowered temperature, but the throat has become less that very thirsty, it's are you ready to, It is welcome.

Because I saw when passing by, so do not necessarily have been doing always, please understand.

Shop information:5-59-14 Nakano Nakano Ward

There was a place where you are construction of shops. Brick walls, red cover. If you think it 's like a cafe or restaurant, it was noticed that the character is written. Nogata Hope, it is written with.

Nogata Hope is a ramen shop in literally in Nogata district of Nakano. You also There are several shops branch. After a review of the photo, the caption under the shop name is written about ramen, is a mistake that seems.

Nogata Hope ramen shop might appear to Nakano Station North area

Location much next to the next to the Tokyo anchovy Honpo Nakano shop. It is where there has been a previous Chinese restaurant.

If you look at the condition of the construction work, it is soon as also opening. Also in the place where it can be said that the northern limit at Nakano Station North area, is famous ramen shop appeared.

Mita noodle plant being conducted Thanksgiving

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Shops of noodle, is Mita noodle plant're doing Thanksgiving. It is written in the over-the-counter of the flyer, November 5th, 6th, to people who have a specific order in three days limit of seven days is that of that gift and free tickets for noodle.

Mita noodle plant being conducted Thanksgiving

This shop, "noodle shop" to the name of the shop is the phrase street, shops of noodle. There is also put noodles of every season, but the shops are that basically noodles and spicy noodle Give is, the game on the menu that was extruded noodle in front. Thanks, it seems to have a representation in the noodle.

For more information, make sure to go to the shop.

Shop information:4-2-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-3833,11:00-26:00,Open everyday


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