Mita noodle plant being conducted Thanksgiving

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Shops of noodle, is Mita noodle plant're doing Thanksgiving. It is written in the over-the-counter of the flyer, November 5th, 6th, to people who have a specific order in three days limit of seven days is that of that gift and free tickets for noodle.

Mita noodle plant being conducted Thanksgiving

This shop, "noodle shop" to the name of the shop is the phrase street, shops of noodle. There is also put noodles of every season, but the shops are that basically noodles and spicy noodle Give is, the game on the menu that was extruded noodle in front. Thanks, it seems to have a representation in the noodle.

For more information, make sure to go to the shop.

Shop information:4-2-13 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5318-3833,11:00-26:00,Open everyday

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