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Tige miso ramen of Hidakaya Nakano shop

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Chain store of ramen shop of Nakano San mall arcade, we ate ramen in Hidakaya. Are to appeal the hotness in the limited menu, is a Tige soup miso ramen,.

The menu of Hidakaya set menu there was a lot of, you, but, I decided to single item.

Looking at the menu photo, I felt like kimchi ramen. In red soup that contains the red pepper, thing that the noodles are riding the vegetables and meat much invisible. Actual soup miso ramen, is such a feeling. However, it is a little redness compared with the photo.

Tige miso ramen of Hidakaya Nakano shop

When bringing the noodles into the mouth, it was the smell of kimchi. Have come up with a spicy and sour progressed little fermentation, is the flavor of the authentic feel of kimchi. So, taste and a little of the hot flavor, there is a little bit of a sour taste.

Onions, Chinese cabbage, and a leek lot. Egg has compiled, but you have the impression that Shakkiri and the texture of vegetables is plenty. Promote and gradually To spicy to eat has been spread. Soup is the menu name of miso, but miso of kimchi jjigae felt the last full-bodied.

Or because it was lunch time, whether that always seems to, the shop was not very crowded. Is there also a few seats at the bar, but there was a thing or ask to sit with other guests at the table seat, that or is. It is give and take.

Shop information:5-65-10 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo ,03-5318-5351,10:00-next day 3:30

Miso ramen for a limited time

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Go Choume Nibosi,Ramen Shop, had put a sign in front of the shop. And, Notice of Limited menu in the signboard was has been added.

According to the report, is that of the offering miso ramen in winter only.

Miso ramen for a limited time

According to the report, is that of the offering miso ramen in winter only. This shop there that feature the anchovy. It was also explains that firmly added to the flavor of anchovy in miso ramen.

Nakano, a variety of noodles to eat. The Nakano, a variety of miso ramen also there is a shop. For example, Miso Ichi and Aji Sichi. It in such, in the limited menu of this shop, in addition to the anchovy, I might point of that was let octagonal.

Shop information:5-56-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-7422,11:00-15:00,18:00-24:00

Snowed, Nakano Sun Plaza before the road

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As the weather forecast, also in Tokyo was snow. It snowed a lot. Roadway did not have is so piled up because there is a street car, but on the sidewalk was piled up in its own way. It became the attendance of while attention to the walk.

Snowed, Nakano Sun Plaza before the road

It was through the front of the Nakano Sun Plaza. Characteristic, on the roof that is diagonally has piled up snow faintly. Completely covered with snow, it does not have the feeling that.

And in Sun Plaza before the road, people, the road, has been shoveling snow. Staff of the Nakano Sun Plaza might.

Cosplay Peko-chan is strawberry short cake

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Peko-chan in front of Nakano Broadway first floor of Fujiya, which takes you to a variety of dress every season. When passing by on this day, for a change is taste, it was a unique looking.

Strawberry short cake is.

Cosplay Peko-chan is strawberry short cake

The head has been wearing a strawberry. Whether the gloves and socks are the image of a cream and strawberries, it was auspicious feeling in red and white.

Such as kimono and Halloween costume, but was looking, it is rare is to be a cake.

Shop information:5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3385-7362,10:00-21:00,Open everyday

Neapolitan of Hayashiya Nakano shop

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It is between Nakano ramen Street and white line Street, ate the Neapolitan in Hayashiya Nakano shop. Amount of pasta to choose from, but it was a hope in the usual amount this time.

Neapolitan comes with soup. Encased in a container of aluminum, it is a little nostalgic feel. And sausage that has been cut in large, green peppers will attract the eye.

Neapolitan of Hayashiya Nakano shop

Taste is the orthodox taste. Little of the spicy ketchup, tomato sauce, coupled, here also plenty of entangled in a little loosen such pasta. It has come out words such as little or loosen, but it is not you're never a criticism. There is a thing that everyone has to eat, is a nostalgic taste.

Grated cheese and Tabasco to get out to the clerk is also the point. Sprinkle in the amount of taste, and re-seasoned in Neapolitan of my own.

Retro shop logo, provides a Neapolitan no doubt, was the shop.

Shop information:5-55-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-6446,11:30-22:00,Rest of Irregular

Morning, and walking, there was a shop that has set a big sign in the shop in Nakano ramen Street. There freshwater clam ramen, and. Lineup that is written to the billboards, freshwater clam ramen, clam ramen, three types of clam ramen. All is a menu of shellfish. All three are shellfish.

Then, description writing more than anything will attract the eye. "After drinking alcohol, there is a good effect on the liver, freshwater clam ramen". What that there is a compelling catch copy of the will do?

There is a freshwater clam ramen, morning only ramen shop

After reviewing the sign, there was that notice. Here is the middle of Nakano ramen Street. Of ramen shop, of Aoba, a front of the store. Daytime was tendon shop. When I remember, you will see certainly tendon shop signboard. In other words, it's the shop making the ramen out a sign only in the morning.

I do not come to mind a chance to eat very much, I want to look forward to eat sometime.

Kushiage Shimonya's Kamameshi, Oyster Doria

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First lunch greeted the new year, I ate at Kushiage Shimonya.Kamameshi, Doria style of oysters, is. Was a challenging menu, but felt the shops of spirit, here also we tried to challenge.

This is a lunch menu. Those miso soup and fried stabbed to skewer will come with three.


With each other over a white sauce, cheese has melts. When I stirred with a spatula, it came out oysters. Spinach also contains, it has become Doria style.

It was stirred at that Kamameshi, but because of the simmering of cheese, a twist to put together to put in the mouth was needed. Source and oyster piping hot and the taste together the rice, is this style unique.

Shop information:5-56-16 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5380-4678

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