Kushiage Shimonya's Kamameshi, Oyster Doria

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First lunch greeted the new year, I ate at Kushiage Shimonya.Kamameshi, Doria style of oysters, is. Was a challenging menu, but felt the shops of spirit, here also we tried to challenge.

This is a lunch menu. Those miso soup and fried stabbed to skewer will come with three.


With each other over a white sauce, cheese has melts. When I stirred with a spatula, it came out oysters. Spinach also contains, it has become Doria style.

It was stirred at that Kamameshi, but because of the simmering of cheese, a twist to put together to put in the mouth was needed. Source and oyster piping hot and the taste together the rice, is this style unique.

Shop information:5-56-16 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5380-4678

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