Neapolitan of Hayashiya Nakano shop

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It is between Nakano ramen Street and white line Street, ate the Neapolitan in Hayashiya Nakano shop. Amount of pasta to choose from, but it was a hope in the usual amount this time.

Neapolitan comes with soup. Encased in a container of aluminum, it is a little nostalgic feel. And sausage that has been cut in large, green peppers will attract the eye.

Neapolitan of Hayashiya Nakano shop

Taste is the orthodox taste. Little of the spicy ketchup, tomato sauce, coupled, here also plenty of entangled in a little loosen such pasta. It has come out words such as little or loosen, but it is not you're never a criticism. There is a thing that everyone has to eat, is a nostalgic taste.

Grated cheese and Tabasco to get out to the clerk is also the point. Sprinkle in the amount of taste, and re-seasoned in Neapolitan of my own.

Retro shop logo, provides a Neapolitan no doubt, was the shop.

Shop information:5-55-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-6446,11:30-22:00,Rest of Irregular

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