There is a freshwater clam ramen, morning only ramen shop

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Morning, and walking, there was a shop that has set a big sign in the shop in Nakano ramen Street. There freshwater clam ramen, and. Lineup that is written to the billboards, freshwater clam ramen, clam ramen, three types of clam ramen. All is a menu of shellfish. All three are shellfish.

Then, description writing more than anything will attract the eye. "After drinking alcohol, there is a good effect on the liver, freshwater clam ramen". What that there is a compelling catch copy of the will do?

There is a freshwater clam ramen, morning only ramen shop

After reviewing the sign, there was that notice. Here is the middle of Nakano ramen Street. Of ramen shop, of Aoba, a front of the store. Daytime was tendon shop. When I remember, you will see certainly tendon shop signboard. In other words, it's the shop making the ramen out a sign only in the morning.

I do not come to mind a chance to eat very much, I want to look forward to eat sometime.

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