Tige miso ramen of Hidakaya Nakano shop

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Chain store of ramen shop of Nakano San mall arcade, we ate ramen in Hidakaya. Are to appeal the hotness in the limited menu, is a Tige soup miso ramen,.

The menu of Hidakaya set menu there was a lot of, you, but, I decided to single item.

Looking at the menu photo, I felt like kimchi ramen. In red soup that contains the red pepper, thing that the noodles are riding the vegetables and meat much invisible. Actual soup miso ramen, is such a feeling. However, it is a little redness compared with the photo.

Tige miso ramen of Hidakaya Nakano shop

When bringing the noodles into the mouth, it was the smell of kimchi. Have come up with a spicy and sour progressed little fermentation, is the flavor of the authentic feel of kimchi. So, taste and a little of the hot flavor, there is a little bit of a sour taste.

Onions, Chinese cabbage, and a leek lot. Egg has compiled, but you have the impression that Shakkiri and the texture of vegetables is plenty. Promote and gradually To spicy to eat has been spread. Soup is the menu name of miso, but miso of kimchi jjigae felt the last full-bodied.

Or because it was lunch time, whether that always seems to, the shop was not very crowded. Is there also a few seats at the bar, but there was a thing or ask to sit with other guests at the table seat, that or is. It is give and take.

Shop information:5-65-10 Nakano Nakano Ward Tokyo ,03-5318-5351,10:00-next day 3:30

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