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Huge crane appeared to Nakano ramen Street

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I, when you are walking down the Nakano ramen street, saw a large crane. Next to the Nakano Broadway is a construction site. To the construction site, it the crane has been installed.

From this distance, it looks pretty big. Even if there is a large building site and high crane in the place, because those that extend from the ground does not have a chance to see too much.

Huge crane appeared to Nakano ramen Street

Ultraman or, or Gundam, or Evangelion. Since there is nothing to compare around, it does not attach imagine height. When I think that standing on the ground, I will extra huge feeling.

When I passed through the Nakano Station south exit of the arcade, tapestry had been lowered. It was a tapestry of Art Brut. That the Poster Gallery, seems to be decorated in the town.

Nakano San mall arcade, a large tapestry had apparently what is installed, it it's also in the south entrance. This is small compared to the San mall arcade, but there is a familiar feeling reach is likely to instead hand.

Nakano Station south exit of the arcade, Art Brut Gallery

I took a picture of a favorite work. Such as the alphabet and kanji and hiragana, the character has not been complex design, it will be imminent. And the novelty of the design, is a work that would look for involuntarily themselves interpretation, the right brain and left brain is shaken.

Bonjour Bon's Ham-Katsu-sand

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I, located in the Nakano Sun mall arcade, I bought a bread in the Bonjour Bon. Ham Katsusando. Bonjour Bon, in the back of the cash register, the workshop can be seen.

You can see how the clerk is working. They make the bread, baked, are side by side on the shelf.In this bread shop, from sweet bread with cream and chocolate, you can buy a variety of bread from the popular curry bread.

In such bread, it is the ham Katsusando saw eating this time. Because we have been featured in over-the-counter sign. If no apparent signs, was the kind of bread that does not rise to the quite choice.

onjour Bon's Ham-Katsu-sand

When I took the film, the source and the bread, and the smell of fried food. It smells appetizing. Looking to eat, contrary to expectation, ham is soft. First be a little Karitto the texture of clothing, I feel the texture of the ham, the taste is modest. It is easily together with the fluffy bread with shredded cabbage.

Ham Katsu sand is, in general, is a bread that hearty, there is meet to eat.But, this bread was easy to eat.

Shop info:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano-ku,03-5345-6260,Website of Bonjour-Bon(Japanese)

Saika's Tsukemen

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Located in Nakano ramen Street, in Saika, I ate Tsukemen-noodle.

This shop, located in the most north of Nakano ramen Street, is a noodle shop. A shop counter only, it is always crowded. There is a meal ticket of the ticket machine in the store, but many people are lined up in front of it.

At this time, I have to Tsukemen.

I was after a long time came to this shop. When I saw wearing noodles, I was surprised. This is because the amount is large. I thought that what was so many. But, I am at the time of the order, it has not been the noodles in the amount of questions. This is It is that standard.

Saika's Tsukemen

The soup contains a lot of ingredients and spices. When the carry to mouth the chopsticks put the noodles, and the seafood aroma. Eat, I felt the smell of citrus in aftertaste. Soup of seafood, soy sauce flavor, and taste the last of refreshing fragrance. Balance It is good.

Because it is such a soup, and brings out the taste of full entered the ingredients and condiments. Among them, barbecued pork was impressed. Barbecued pork is had been baked. It was softer.

Shop information:5-55-3 Nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo,11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00,cloesed Monday

Mozzarella cheese shop, RICCO

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I saw a shop that I think the newly opened. Mozzarella cheese specialty stores, shops that Mottsueria Ricco. It is a cheese shop, but rather than a shop that sells cheese, seems to shops that put out the dishes made with mozzarella cheese.

The color of the shop of appearance, in red, is a stylish feel. The shops of the logo have been green is used, and he has a sense of Italy.

Mozzarella cheese shop, RICCO

It usually when I walking down the street that does not pass through, there was a discovery. On the road, which extends from the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, and the road there is a ramen Kaeru, of green leaves of the way of the middle, it is a narrow road.

Shop information:5-56-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-3070,17:00-24:00

Today, Nakano Broadway was the entire closing date

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As there was a notice in the Nakano Broadway, the Nakano Broadway was the day of the entire day off today February 17, 2016. The exception is no. Shops of Nakano Broadway is the day to get the rest.

Confusing is what looks like the entrance is open.

Today, Nakano Broadway was the entire closing date

Nakano Broadway is that the illusion is open. When you try to enter the entrance, lighting is not on, you have closed the entrance of the back of the shutter.

While taking photographs, it had been attempting to enter the direction of any person. They saw the entrance of the notes of the signboard. They have has confirmed that this is a closed day.

Among those who have confirmed the sign, were also foreign guests. It may, if there is tomorrow also come schedule in Nakano Broadway.

February 17 of 2016, Nakano Broadway is closed

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This time annual every year, Nakano Broadway is closed the day had been announced. February 2016 is Wednesday, the 17th.

This day is the day that Nakano Broadway is closed. It is also, not be able to pass through to enter. Of course, the shops of Nakano Broadway, will be all day off.

February 17 of 2016, Nakano Broadway is closed

Who are thinking of going to play in Nakano Broadway, please be careful. Nakano Broadway is a day off, you can not go to the store. Not even to enter the Nakano Broadway.

Sato Meatshop's Katsudon Bento Ver.2016

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After a long time to, to prepare a lunch box. Katsudon Bento,Sato butcher shop,pork cutlet on rice lunch.

Sato butcher shop is located in the Ai Yakushi Road. From Nakano Station away, but as there is such as Orient spaghetti and the famous candy shop of Papabubure. Lunch is also a long time even to get lunch Sato butcher shop.

Sato Meatshop's Katsudon Bento Ver.2016

If it is also the skill to provide the same thing, is also the technique of going to change according to the bandwagon. 2016 version, feeling that fin and a rather. Fat is small, lean is not a firm, we feel a moderate eating meet than the softness.

And cut the onion to win has been paved, I felt a little large. Egg, onion, and a pork cutlet, and even intermingled also soup, is a pork cutlet on rice that standing is sweetness.

While cut small with chopsticks, was Hobari cutlet, onion, mouth full of rice together with the egg.

Shop information:1-15-9 Arai Nakano Ward,03-3386-3407,8:00-20:00,Closed Sunday & Holiday


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