Bonjour Bon's Ham-Katsu-sand

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I, located in the Nakano Sun mall arcade, I bought a bread in the Bonjour Bon. Ham Katsusando. Bonjour Bon, in the back of the cash register, the workshop can be seen.

You can see how the clerk is working. They make the bread, baked, are side by side on the shelf.In this bread shop, from sweet bread with cream and chocolate, you can buy a variety of bread from the popular curry bread.

In such bread, it is the ham Katsusando saw eating this time. Because we have been featured in over-the-counter sign. If no apparent signs, was the kind of bread that does not rise to the quite choice.

onjour Bon's Ham-Katsu-sand

When I took the film, the source and the bread, and the smell of fried food. It smells appetizing. Looking to eat, contrary to expectation, ham is soft. First be a little Karitto the texture of clothing, I feel the texture of the ham, the taste is modest. It is easily together with the fluffy bread with shredded cabbage.

Ham Katsu sand is, in general, is a bread that hearty, there is meet to eat.But, this bread was easy to eat.

Shop info:5-59-8 Nakano Nakano-ku,03-5345-6260,Website of Bonjour-Bon(Japanese)

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