Nakano Station south exit of the arcade, Art Brut Gallery

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When I passed through the Nakano Station south exit of the arcade, tapestry had been lowered. It was a tapestry of Art Brut. That the Poster Gallery, seems to be decorated in the town.

Nakano San mall arcade, a large tapestry had apparently what is installed, it it's also in the south entrance. This is small compared to the San mall arcade, but there is a familiar feeling reach is likely to instead hand.

Nakano Station south exit of the arcade, Art Brut Gallery

I took a picture of a favorite work. Such as the alphabet and kanji and hiragana, the character has not been complex design, it will be imminent. And the novelty of the design, is a work that would look for involuntarily themselves interpretation, the right brain and left brain is shaken.

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