Sato Meatshop's Katsudon Bento Ver.2016

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After a long time to, to prepare a lunch box. Katsudon Bento,Sato butcher shop,pork cutlet on rice lunch.

Sato butcher shop is located in the Ai Yakushi Road. From Nakano Station away, but as there is such as Orient spaghetti and the famous candy shop of Papabubure. Lunch is also a long time even to get lunch Sato butcher shop.

Sato Meatshop's Katsudon Bento Ver.2016

If it is also the skill to provide the same thing, is also the technique of going to change according to the bandwagon. 2016 version, feeling that fin and a rather. Fat is small, lean is not a firm, we feel a moderate eating meet than the softness.

And cut the onion to win has been paved, I felt a little large. Egg, onion, and a pork cutlet, and even intermingled also soup, is a pork cutlet on rice that standing is sweetness.

While cut small with chopsticks, was Hobari cutlet, onion, mouth full of rice together with the egg.

Shop information:1-15-9 Arai Nakano Ward,03-3386-3407,8:00-20:00,Closed Sunday & Holiday

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