Today, Nakano Broadway was the entire closing date

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As there was a notice in the Nakano Broadway, the Nakano Broadway was the day of the entire day off today February 17, 2016. The exception is no. Shops of Nakano Broadway is the day to get the rest.

Confusing is what looks like the entrance is open.

Today, Nakano Broadway was the entire closing date

Nakano Broadway is that the illusion is open. When you try to enter the entrance, lighting is not on, you have closed the entrance of the back of the shutter.

While taking photographs, it had been attempting to enter the direction of any person. They saw the entrance of the notes of the signboard. They have has confirmed that this is a closed day.

Among those who have confirmed the sign, were also foreign guests. It may, if there is tomorrow also come schedule in Nakano Broadway.

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