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Sakura of Nakano street March 31, 2016

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Cherry blossoms and flowering, I feel that is not a very good weather. Sakura shine in blue sky. Rather than, I feel cherry tree, such as that blend into the cloudy sky.

akura of Nakano street March 31, 2016

cherry tree was such a condition. It is in full bloom.

This weekend, is likely crowded with cherry-blossom viewing.

Sakura of Nakano street March 25, 2016

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In the convenience of the calendar, this time of the Saturday and Sunday, will be the last weekend of March. Year after year, all the information is expected to be scraped, but is scheduled for cherry-blossom viewing, which is determined, what about this weekend. I tried to look at the cherry blossoms of Nakano Street.

Sakura of Nakano street March 25, 2016

Today, was cloudy.

If you look closely, you can see some cherry blossoms. But, it has melted into a cloudy sky, not very conspicuous. Enjoy It seems become a little more ahead.

Ajio Nakano shop, fried eggplant mustard sauce

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And eat several times, Taiwanese cuisine Ajio Nakano shop, is fried mustard sauce of eggplant.

The Nakano ramen Street, Chinese food shop there are two. One Taiyo-Hanten. And is another here Ajio. Both have the clerk to speak a foreign language. It is for the Japanese, but in the shop of seasoning that can also feel the taste of home, above all a good cost performance. The menu has been enhanced is a shop that stomach is full.

Lunch menu of Ajio is, 12 types have been lineup. The menu, which rests on a piece of paper on both sides, one side has placed a classic menu, menu rich in variety to the other, such as sweet and sour pork.

Ajio Nakano shop, fried eggplant mustard sauce

Please look, this volume. The main dish is also likely to overflow from the dish, but the rice is aligned with crowdedly to tray, soup, pickles, salad and dessert has become a set.

Eggplant oversized soft, do you say to the source, Ann has plenty of suffering. Taste is that the dark, but there is a sour aftertaste have heard is vinegar, there is also a spicy was spicy. White is rice proceeds seasoning. Eggplant is in the leading role, is an article that there is enough presence.

Shop information:5-59-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5343-2588,11:30-01:00,Open everyday

Among the Nakano Sun Mall arcade, where it was previously a game center, construction work had been carried out. Entrance have been boarded up, you will hear that the construction work in.

And construction went on one day, had guided the posters affixed to at last wall.

Fried rice shop is under construction at the Nakano Sun Mall arcade

It had been the construction, meat sauce fried rice "Shao". Nakano shop is coming soon.

The announcement of the staff recruitment of under it, there and open in early April. Nakano Sun Mall, is a new gourmet shops birth.

Sakura of Nakano street March 22, 2016

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In Tokyo, it came out cherry blossoms of flowering declaration. Although the news was that of the cherry blossoms bloom in the warmth during the holidays, there is no much feeling. It is the attractions of today's cherry tree, is the state of the cherry Nakano Street.

Sakura of Nakano street March 22, 2016

Than when the check in front, you can see that bud is growing up. Or become green, or to pink, to the branches of the tree of the cherry tree was brown, it had been increasing gradually color. You could see the blue sky.

But, it does not seem to contain up to a place called still enjoy the cherry blossoms. Ahead of growth we look forward to.

Sakura of Nakano street March 17, 2016

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On television weather forecasts, it has become often be out of talk about the flowering of the cherry blossoms. Recently, the weather or cold, had been or raining. So sunny today, I tried to look at the state of the cherry tree.

Sakura of Nakano street March 17, 2016

When you look good, but you or there is a bud that swells to green, but overall is still feeling now, in brown.

Since the weather forecast had said that if it is not in bloom in a three-day weekend, it might be soon.

Lunch Box that seafood has a two-stage

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Far of it is from Nakano Station North, but the fish that it is delicious shop, we went to eat lunch. It is the Sakana no Medama(meaning centerpiece of the fish). It was ordered at this time,Lunch Box that seafood has a two-stage, was the lunch menu.

As the name of the menu, comes out tray that is a two-stage. And rice is one of the tray, it has been spread all over the sashimi. Then, in the second tray, it had entered the sashimi.

Lunch Box that seafood has a two-stage

Since it is a tray, not in your bowl, rice is rather less. Instead, there are ingredients of volume. Moreover, it is two-fold. Delicious fish, the dark taste would be this shop unique stuck to the fish. Tuna and mackerel is if there is a viscous, I feel the taste is pulled out. Fish is your heavy taste.

Container that appear in the tray, in Japan is a container, such as a lunch box, called "jyu-u"

Shop information:2-7-10 Arai Nakano,03-3388-1880,11:45-14:30,17:30-22:30

Curry lover to appeal, limited curry

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When I passed through the narrow streets of Nakano Station North, there was a bright red sign. Curry lovers must see! ! And, it is written. Sign, has a curry lover appeal.

Curry lover to appeal, limited curry

Looking at the details of signage, such as its own formulated spices, was the guidance of the curry that is packed with a variety of taste. Nakano is attached to the menu name. The problem is that only 10 meals, but I would like to try to eat to find the opportunity.

I think perhaps the shop went up the stairs behind the billboard. Courage has become a roasted likely atmosphere.

Nakano Station North, also has construction work was underway.

Nakano Station North, bicycle parking lot is demolished

Bicycle parking lot has been demolished. Already building is not, work to remove the rubble had been promoted. Bill of Docomo is now visible in the back.

Out of the ticket gate, and take a look from the immediate vicinity of the construction site, looks like. There was open space in front of the Nakano Sun Plaza also, no longer fence is placed put. Front was originally square, but it has become a feeling that spread to the back.

Nakano Station North, bicycle parking lot is demolished

And it is now out of the north exit wicket of Nakano Station, and escalator. There used to be a bus stop. I do not believe. Even before the Nakano Sun Plaza, it seems to get Gara changed in that way.

Curry shop in Nakano ramen street, ate lunch at Yamiyami Curry. Lunch menu There are three types, you can select a menu rich in variety to the deals. At this time, and eat several times, chicken and fluffy Curry of the egg, spicy has ask for spicy.

I was for a while have gotten a salad that is a set lunch. Finally, rice and curry comes in. Curry, the egg was soft and have covered plenty of the surface of the dish.

 curry of chicken and eggs

Also looks great chicken. Chicken is a softness that can be split with a spoon. It took the chili pepper to the chicken. It seems to adjust the hotness in chili pepper. Ask you to spicy, it is certainly painful. But in the bland of the sweetness and the chicken of the egg, it eased the spicy. In a good way, it becomes removing a bad taste because there is not a stain taste to chicken.

But when the conspicuous spicy in the mouth is reset to taste pickles, which are provided in the table. This shop is a point high of Fukujin pickled and shallots are provided respectively.

Proceeding to eat, and then only of garlic flavor a little. I felt the punch.Eaten in Nakano, Asian style of one-of-a-kind curry, we had delicious.

Shop information:5-50-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-2137,11:30-16:00(Lunch),17:30-1:00(dinner)

Huge crane construction site was increased to two

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Large construction work is underway in the next to the Nakano Broadway. From this before Nakano ramen Street, is a large crane was visible.

And today, had been increased to two.

Huge crane construction site was increased to two

In the immediate vicinity of the road, there were probably about the same size of the crane. It is during the installation.

With a high crane that had been seen before, and lifting a part of the front of the crane, it has been assembled. It is a large-scale.


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