Ajio Nakano shop, fried eggplant mustard sauce

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And eat several times, Taiwanese cuisine Ajio Nakano shop, is fried mustard sauce of eggplant.

The Nakano ramen Street, Chinese food shop there are two. One Taiyo-Hanten. And is another here Ajio. Both have the clerk to speak a foreign language. It is for the Japanese, but in the shop of seasoning that can also feel the taste of home, above all a good cost performance. The menu has been enhanced is a shop that stomach is full.

Lunch menu of Ajio is, 12 types have been lineup. The menu, which rests on a piece of paper on both sides, one side has placed a classic menu, menu rich in variety to the other, such as sweet and sour pork.

Ajio Nakano shop, fried eggplant mustard sauce

Please look, this volume. The main dish is also likely to overflow from the dish, but the rice is aligned with crowdedly to tray, soup, pickles, salad and dessert has become a set.

Eggplant oversized soft, do you say to the source, Ann has plenty of suffering. Taste is that the dark, but there is a sour aftertaste have heard is vinegar, there is also a spicy was spicy. White is rice proceeds seasoning. Eggplant is in the leading role, is an article that there is enough presence.

Shop information:5-59-1 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5343-2588,11:30-01:00,Open everyday

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