Lunch Box that seafood has a two-stage

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Far of it is from Nakano Station North, but the fish that it is delicious shop, we went to eat lunch. It is the Sakana no Medama(meaning centerpiece of the fish). It was ordered at this time,Lunch Box that seafood has a two-stage, was the lunch menu.

As the name of the menu, comes out tray that is a two-stage. And rice is one of the tray, it has been spread all over the sashimi. Then, in the second tray, it had entered the sashimi.

Lunch Box that seafood has a two-stage

Since it is a tray, not in your bowl, rice is rather less. Instead, there are ingredients of volume. Moreover, it is two-fold. Delicious fish, the dark taste would be this shop unique stuck to the fish. Tuna and mackerel is if there is a viscous, I feel the taste is pulled out. Fish is your heavy taste.

Container that appear in the tray, in Japan is a container, such as a lunch box, called "jyu-u"

Shop information:2-7-10 Arai Nakano,03-3388-1880,11:45-14:30,17:30-22:30

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