In Yamiyami Curry Nakano shop, curry of chicken and eggs

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Curry shop in Nakano ramen street, ate lunch at Yamiyami Curry. Lunch menu There are three types, you can select a menu rich in variety to the deals. At this time, and eat several times, chicken and fluffy Curry of the egg, spicy has ask for spicy.

I was for a while have gotten a salad that is a set lunch. Finally, rice and curry comes in. Curry, the egg was soft and have covered plenty of the surface of the dish.

 curry of chicken and eggs

Also looks great chicken. Chicken is a softness that can be split with a spoon. It took the chili pepper to the chicken. It seems to adjust the hotness in chili pepper. Ask you to spicy, it is certainly painful. But in the bland of the sweetness and the chicken of the egg, it eased the spicy. In a good way, it becomes removing a bad taste because there is not a stain taste to chicken.

But when the conspicuous spicy in the mouth is reset to taste pickles, which are provided in the table. This shop is a point high of Fukujin pickled and shallots are provided respectively.

Proceeding to eat, and then only of garlic flavor a little. I felt the punch.Eaten in Nakano, Asian style of one-of-a-kind curry, we had delicious.

Shop information:5-50-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-2137,11:30-16:00(Lunch),17:30-1:00(dinner)

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