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Nakano Broadway, Chinese Daimon's Gomoku Soba

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Nakano Broadway underground first floor of the Chinese Daimon, ate Gomoku Soba(Ramen).Gomoku Soba is the ramen of vegetables with plenty of salty taste.

Not a dessert, such as ice cream, but you might come is better to be surprised to be eaten is these lunch, you can eat a variety of gourmet in Nakano Broadway.

That said, Daimon is also a special. Leaving the atmosphere of the Showa era, it is a shop of only counter seats. Full of the time, wait a round chairs are lined up in two rows. It is such a shop.

Nakano Broadway, Chinese Daimon's Gomoku Soba

Gomoku Soba was a very beautiful ramen. The color of the ingredients, such as vegetables has come clean. Soup is clear, here is also beautiful.

The taste is as such appearance, was friendly thing. And sweet at the back of the soup of the saltiness, sweetness of the vegetables together, it is looking better natural sweetness. Gomoku to say that buckwheat, xi was plenty. Leeks, onions, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, radish sprouts, bamboo shoots, boiled fish paste, such as such as barbecued pork. And egg containing the decoration kitchen knife, was plus one time.

Not added together anything, ate as it is delicious.

Shop information:Nakano Broadway B1 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3389-4565,11:00-19:00

Yosuke Ramenshop of the 2016 Golden Week schedule

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Yosuke is a ramen shop in Nakano ramen Street. Yosuke is chicken soup ramen's popularity. There was a notice in the over-the-counter. Was the announcement of the Golden Week business hours.

Yosuke Ramenshop of the 2016 Golden Week schedule

Regardless of the calendar, also opened a holiday. Also doing Wednesday regular holiday. Instead, May 2 (Monday) is It is a day off.

Usually very crowded at lunch time, Yosuke that can matrix in front of the shop. Golden Week of 2016 is also likely crowded.

Shop information:5-57-4 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-7799,11:30-22:00,Closed Wednesday

Super Sentai popular vote in Nakano Broadway

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Nakano Broadway third floor, Haruyashoten(Haruya Bookstore) is, also had been a popular vote. This is the Super Sentai.

Super Sentai popular vote in Nakano Broadway

If you look, there was a name of successive Super Sentai. It's the popular vote of the series.

If you look, there was a name of successive Super Sentai. It's the popular vote of the series.

When I take a good look, little information is written for each piece. Work even once does not kill the enemy. There was also work that says the name of the playwright. It seems that there are like people in the bookstore staff.

Deadline is May 5, the results announcement is that of a May 7 days.

Shop information:Nakano Broadway 3F 5-52-15 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3387-8451,10:00-20:30

Also it began this year! Nakano Sun Mall arcade aerial gallery. It is the 19 th time.

The 19th Nakano-ku, in the elementary and junior high school air gallery

At this time of the year, a large canvas will appear in the Nakano Sun mall arcade. As the name of the event, the work of elementary, middle school students of the wards, it decorates the arcade. Apparently motifs and themes seemed leave, young sensibility comes out every year, you can see the avant-garde works.

Among these works was worrisome is here. Ward is the "memories of Asakusa" by the seventh junior high school.

The 19th Nakano-ku, in the elementary and junior high school air gallery

It is a front entrance of Nakano, Asakusa landscape that appeared to Nakano Sun Mall. It will be realistic, but it would be imagined scenery, I feel the momentum that express what you want to express. Studded motif, day and night, the sky and the earth and the sea, spring and summer. It is a multi-space-time.

And, after all there was that building. If a junior high school students, not help but drawn, that building. It is the explosion of sensibility.

Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

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Previously saw the sign, I went to the shop. There was a notice in the sign, I go to eat Awaji Island curry. Awaji Island butter chicken curry of Contadino.

In the back that sign is out, there was elongated steep stairs. The stairs up to the cautious, is a shop that left aims. If you do not a sign to mark, it is a shop that does not notice.


If you check the menu sitting on the counter, there was no butter chicken curry. "If you like what you sweet, we recommend the butter chicken curry," and have a little thinking clerk said. We decided to order the butter chicken curry.

Look has been refined. Cafe is like a curry. It is elegant.

Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

When I try to eat, I was satisfied with the words of the clerk. It is certainly sweet. Frankly write, as hashed rice. Demi-glace sauce, such as, such as tomatoes, there is a sweetness and richness. Furaidoonion had become the accent to add and change of texture, a different sweetness. Chicken was also softer.

Spice is also feel, but you have overhanging sweetness. It is a complex sweetness. Delicious sweet, was a strange curry.

Shop information:5-55-17 2F Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-6411

Aburasoba appeared to Saika,Ramen shop

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Located in Nakano ramen street, I saw a pop in the shop of Saika. Aburasoba, there are a. Rather ramen, there is the impression that the shop that somehow stuck in full there is a so-called soup with soba Cena. Of course, noodle even though delicious is.

Aburasoba appeared to Saika,Ramen shop

And it is Aburasoba. Certainly, I think that it is not was menu in Saika until now. New menu, yet it will be seen and not to regular menu is limited when viewed from the condition of the pop. In the near Nakano Station, a variety of ramen to eat, Aburasoba is actually a rare menu. I'd like to taste all means.

Shop information:5-55-3 Nakano Nakano Ward,11:30-14:30,18:00-23:00,Closed Monday

Sakura of Nakano street of April 8, 2016

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At the end of last week, since I was a cherry-blossom viewing weather just full bloom, was approximately one week. In Nakano street, you can enjoy the still cherry.

Because you are planted on both sides of the street, you can see the cherry blossoms of the tunnel at the time across the crosswalk. Protruding have been, petals also have scattered to the wind, it is beautiful.


Become cherry blossoms are small, have conspicuous brown branches, but still is still enough beautiful cherry tree. But, already flowering, because it is one week after the full bloom, I guess finally last look.

When I walk the Nakano Station North, I found the ramen shop sign unfamiliar. Noodle shop,Kuroda. Certainly here, I think that there has been another ramen shop, but it seems to shops has changed.

Nakano Station North, there was a Kuroda Noodle Shop

Was examined, noodle Kuroda was the shop of Hakata ramen. The Nakano Sun Mall Hakata-style Fu-Ryu, but it is that there is a further specialty store. This shop, head office is after here Nakano and Nakanoshinbashi Nerima, after had a deployment overseas.

When I further investigated on the Internet, it was person there has been introduced in the blog in February this year. Notice what does not. The location is close to the Okajoki.

Shop information:5‐60-14 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-5942-8168

Tabaruzaka is closed

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Tabaruzaka of the tavern had been closed. There was a poster in the shop. According to the report, is that of that it has closed on 29 March. And over the years, it was Yes also wrote so to speak fixed form of greeting. But, this shop is or would not be hit by the years.

Tabaruzaka is closed

There along Waseda street, but is from Nakano Station North I have a little distance, was a famous shop is also around. Such as mustard lotus root and horse sashimi, is unusual cuisine was a shop that has been eaten.

Shop information:5-42-11 Nakano Nakano Ward

India & Nepal curry, Millan of mutton curry

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Curry shop in Nakano Sun Mall, is mutton curry of Milan. There is a lassi drink to the top of the image. In addition, it comes with a salad.

When you are through the Nakano Sun Mall, please try to face up Once you have a good smell of curry. There should be a curry shop on the second floor of the building.

It is a shop that have done many times, but it does not get tired. There is also a kind of curry, such as chicken and Dal. Nan and Rice You can choose. And you can choose the spiciness in five steps. It is also good to be combined in the mood of the time.


At this time, the mutton curry eating again several times, level of hotness is 3, and ate.

Shops you as a full-fledged curry name, but for some reason than the other of these shops, Rice is the perfect.

Shop information:5-59-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-5516,Open everyday


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