Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

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Previously saw the sign, I went to the shop. There was a notice in the sign, I go to eat Awaji Island curry. Awaji Island butter chicken curry of Contadino.

In the back that sign is out, there was elongated steep stairs. The stairs up to the cautious, is a shop that left aims. If you do not a sign to mark, it is a shop that does not notice.


If you check the menu sitting on the counter, there was no butter chicken curry. "If you like what you sweet, we recommend the butter chicken curry," and have a little thinking clerk said. We decided to order the butter chicken curry.

Look has been refined. Cafe is like a curry. It is elegant.

Contadino of Awaji Island, butter chicken curry

When I try to eat, I was satisfied with the words of the clerk. It is certainly sweet. Frankly write, as hashed rice. Demi-glace sauce, such as, such as tomatoes, there is a sweetness and richness. Furaidoonion had become the accent to add and change of texture, a different sweetness. Chicken was also softer.

Spice is also feel, but you have overhanging sweetness. It is a complex sweetness. Delicious sweet, was a strange curry.

Shop information:5-55-17 2F Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3228-6411

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