India & Nepal curry, Millan of mutton curry

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Curry shop in Nakano Sun Mall, is mutton curry of Milan. There is a lassi drink to the top of the image. In addition, it comes with a salad.

When you are through the Nakano Sun Mall, please try to face up Once you have a good smell of curry. There should be a curry shop on the second floor of the building.

It is a shop that have done many times, but it does not get tired. There is also a kind of curry, such as chicken and Dal. Nan and Rice You can choose. And you can choose the spiciness in five steps. It is also good to be combined in the mood of the time.


At this time, the mutton curry eating again several times, level of hotness is 3, and ate.

Shops you as a full-fledged curry name, but for some reason than the other of these shops, Rice is the perfect.

Shop information:5-59-6 Nakano Nakano Ward,03-3388-5516,Open everyday

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